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Photo Credit: Kris Glesener

Photo Credit: Kris Glesener

Founded in 1981, the NMTC is a grass roots running club, promoting trail running and managing races in the Duluth / Superior area.

Our goal is to provide trail-running events we can all participate in and have fun at. Many of our races take place on challenging courses, which is part of the fun. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of ability. Our trail runs are places where you can test and improve your fitness, enjoy the outdoors, and mingle with fellow runners.

We can now accept online donations!

You asked and we answered! NMTC can now accept donations online through PayPal. We will still have our donation jar at the Series races for those who prefer cash, but now you won’t have to worry about having cash for each race!

Donate with PayPal

2022 NMTC Series race dates have been set *pending permitting!!

Race schedule is posted HERE! Results will be posted there as well!

We are so excited to be back to our full roster of races for each Series!! Of course, COVID could shake things up again for us, so fingers crossed we keep moving in a positive direction. If we are able to hold all of our races, then the Fennessey award will be back for 2022!! We also hope to hold our traditional potluck at the end of each Series. As always, we will keep you updated on any changes here on our website, and on our NMTC Facebook page.

Everyone is required to sign a waiver before racing:  NMTC Waiver Form


A quick word from our legal department…

We do require a waiver to be filled out for participation in the NMTC Spring and Fall race series.

To speed up registration on race day, feel free to print one off and bring it with you on race day (NMTC Waiver Form). We will also have forms available at the race for you to sign. But, hey… You’re here reading this, and that convenient link is right there. So, let’s just go ahead and be proactive, shall we? 😉

You only need to sign the waiver once for the entire year.

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