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A quick word from our legal department…

We do require a waiver to be filled out for participation in the NMTC Spring and Fall race series.

To speed up registration on race day, feel free to print one off and bring it with you on race day (NMTC Waiver Form). We will also have forms available at the race for you to sign. But, hey… You’re here reading this, and that convenient link is right there. So, let’s just go ahead and be proactive, shall we? 😉

You only need to sign the waiver once for the entire year.

2021 Race Status – NMTC Spring Series – It is on!

A bit shorter than usual, but we will have 3 races for the Spring Series. The 2021 NMTC Spring Series races have staggered starts and are self-timing, so you will need a timing device.

You will need to sign up for each race you wish to enter. You will receive an email link to submit your time after the race. Links for the signup to each race are included below. Start times vary based on your registration time.

There is no check-in on race day. Runners can start up to 10 minutes after their chosen wave. For example, if your wave is at 10am, then you can start anytime between 10 and 10:10am. Show up at the starting line within 10 minutes of when you are scheduled to run.

Due to COVID, we won’t provide water or a place for jackets, car keys, etc. There will not be a potluck or awards after the last race.

Our races are still free, but donations will be accepted. Thank you for working with us as we navigate holding races during COVID!

Dates / Signup:

2021 Race Status – Voyageur 50M / Eugene Curnow Marathon

Please check in at the individual race sites for more information:

Welcome to the NMTC Trail Challenge!

The Challenge is for you to run in each of the trail locations that our Fall Series races are held on. Distance doesn’t matter. Neither does speed. We aren’t even requiring that you run the exact race courses. The NMTC trail series in the fall (and the spring) purposely positions races in various uber-runnable locations throughout the Twin Ports area. Introducing runners to these parks and trail systems, and keeping them coming back, is a key part of our mission.

We want you to take some time to enjoy these trail areas on your own. So, let’s get out there, and visit each one! And because we know runners love to log runs almost as much as they love to actually run them, we offer you… the NMTC Trail Challenge!

How it works:

  • Starts: September 2nd
  • Ends: November 1st
  • Do a run in each of the 9 locations (in any order), using a route of your choice.
  • Log each of your runs using our handy-dandy Google Form!
  • Be one of the first 125 people to complete the Challenge and you will receive a prize!

The Challenge locations:
Some suggested trail options to get you started in these 9 areas are available on our Race Schedules page. GPS coordinates are also included.

  • Lester Park
  • Zapp’s Loop (Mission Creek Area)
  • Hartley Nature Area
  • Ely’s Peak
  • Rolling Stone (Spirit Mountain)
  • Brown’s Point (Superior Municipal Forest)
  • Woodland Run
  • Bull Run (Jay Cooke State Park)
  • Hawk Ridge

NMTC Series Schedule and Results

The NMTC Trail Series season is upon us! Schedule and overall standings / results are available on the Race Schedules page.

If you need help finding the races, check out our maps here: Directions
Click on the markers for more detail.

Directions to Bull Run Course

The start for this run will be at the Spruce Loop trailhead on Hwy 23! This is just down the hill toward the St. Louis River from the traditional Bull Run start from years past.

The course will take in the full Spruce and Upper (Lost) Lake trails, totaling 10.5 KM (6.5 miles).

The (Really Full of) Bull Run

To get there, from Duluth:

  • Head south on I-35.
  • Take the Hwy 23 / Grand Ave. exit.
  • Stay straight on Hwy 23 through Gary/New Duluth and Fond du Lac.
  • After crossing the St. Louis River just after Fond du Lac, the trail head will be a ways (about 1.5 mi) up the hill on the right.

Please park safely, with your car as far on to the shoulder as possible. Or, an overlook is just up the hill on the right, with a small parking lot.

Powerlines Trail Remediation

This request remains in effect. While the powerline corridor work is complete, the remediation will take some time to gain a foothold.

Hello, trail community! As you may be aware, there have been some recent dramatic looking changes to the Powerlines. NMTC has been working with the City of Duluth regarding the MN Power remediation that is occurring. The City of Duluth and NMTC do have plans to re-evaluate a trail corridor together once the remediation process has been completed but in the meantime, all trail users are asked to refrain from using the former trails through the Powerlines. Please be patient as it could potentially take a few years for the Powerlines to be fully healed and ready to go.

We ask that all trail runners respect this temporary closure while the remediation takes place and that you pass the word along. Continuing to use these closed trails will reflect poorly on the trail running community as a whole and may jeopardize our ability to return to them.

What does this mean in the interim?

The race courses for the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon and the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultra have been altered to not use the Powerlines for the time being.

Again – the Powerlines are temporarily closed to all trail users until remediation is completed and a new route can be made. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

Next up! Long races for a long summer!

Photo Credit: Paula Barry

Photo Credit: Paula Barry

Well, the Spring Series is complete, and a good time was had by all. Final overall standings and results are available on the Race Schedules page. Next up are the two summer races, a couple of selections that will test your mettle:

Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon
Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile Trail Ultramarathon

Hope to see you out there, on one side of the aid station table or the other! Also, the NMTC Fall Series schedule is also available – but, hey, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. 😉

Whoo! Hoo! The 2017 race schedules are available!

Photo Credit: Paula Barry

Photo Credit: Paula Barry

Are you ready? The NMTC Spring and Fall Series schedules are now available. See them here: Race Schedules

The dates for our long trail races, the Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon and Minnesota Voyageur 50 Mile are also set – and registration is now open!

Come on out and play in the woods…

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