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Photo Credit: Kris Glesener

Photo Credit: Kris Glesener

Founded in 1981, the NMTC is a grass roots running club, promoting trail running and managing races in the Duluth / Superior area.

Our goal is to provide trail-running events we can all participate in and have fun at. Many of our races take place on challenging courses, which is part of the fun. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of ability. Our trail runs are places where you can test and improve your fitness, enjoy the outdoors, and mingle with fellow runners.

Zapps Loop (NMTC Run on 9/20) – Location and Course Information

Zapp’s Loop is our next NMTC Wednesday Night Run!

Directions to race start:

  • Take Hwy 23 (Commonwealth Ave.) through Gary/New Duluth and continue on to Fond du Lac.
  • Take a right on W 131st Ave. W.
  • Race start is at park immediately to your left.

There is construction in Fond du Lac this year which limits parking. Please respect all road closure signs due to the sensitive nature of work being done in the area.

There has been a course change this year as a section of the historic Mission Creek Trail is currently undergoing rehabilitation. The closed section of trail has been marked with survey ribbon. Please honor this closure to allow that section of trail to heal. We will use the Superior Hiking Trail to loop back to Fond du Lac (a right hand turn about 2.3 miles into the course).

All course flagging is located on the LEFT or center part of the trail outbound, including turns. The only time you will encounter flagging on the right hand side of the trail is on the short “stem portion” of the lollipop (out and back section). Flagging is placed at least every 0.1 miles, more frequently at trail intersections/corners. If you see a lot of flags in a series, pay attention!

See you at 6:00 pm tomorrow evening!

Current Standings and Results

Fall is upon us! The NMTC Fall Trail Series is off and running! Schedule and current overall standings / results are available on the Race Schedules page.

A quick word from our legal department…

We do require a waiver to be filled out for participation in the NMTC race series. To speed up registration on race day, feel free to print one off and bring it with you on race day (NMTC Waiver Form). We will also have forms available at the race for you to sign. You only need to sign the waiver once for the entire year.

Waivers for the Eugene Curnow Marathon and Minnesota Voyageur are included in their online and paper registration at their respective web sites.

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