The Challenge is for you to run in each of the trail locations that our Fall Series races are held on. Distance doesn’t matter. Neither does speed. We aren’t even requiring that you run the exact race courses. The NMTC trail series in the fall (and the spring) purposely positions races in various uber-runnable locations throughout the Twin Ports area. Introducing runners to these parks and trail systems, and keeping them coming back, is a key part of our mission.

We want you to take some time to enjoy these trail areas on your own. So, let’s get out there, and visit each one! And because we know runners love to log runs almost as much as they love to actually run them, we offer you… the NMTC Trail Challenge!

How it works:

  • Starts: September 2nd
  • Ends: November 1st
  • Do a run in each of the 9 locations (in any order), using a route of your choice.
  • Log each of your runs using our handy-dandy Google Form!
  • Be one of the first 125 people to complete the Challenge and you will receive a prize!

The Challenge locations:
Some suggested trail options to get you started in these 9 areas are available on our Race Schedules page. GPS coordinates are also included.

  • Lester Park
  • Zapp’s Loop (Mission Creek Area)
  • Hartley Nature Area
  • Ely’s Peak
  • Rolling Stone (Spirit Mountain)
  • Brown’s Point (Superior Municipal Forest)
  • Woodland Run
  • Bull Run (Jay Cooke State Park)
  • Hawk Ridge