Courses in these short distance race series are a mix of park trails, XC ski trails, and some local home-grown paths through the woods. Races are primarily held on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM. There are a few exceptions – such as the Spirit Mountain run in the spring, and late fall races where we eventually move to Sundays to gain more daylight. Please consult the Race Schedules.

  • NMTC Spring Trail Series: Consists of 6 races throughout the Twin Ports, starting in late April and running until early June. Race distances range from 5K to 15K.
  • NMTC Fall Trail Series: Consists of 9 races throughout the Twin Ports, starting in late August and running until late October. Race distances range from 5K to 10.5K.
Photo Credit: Shelly Thompson

Photo Credit: Shelly Thompson

Who are these races designed for?

These are definitely all-comers races where runners of all ages and abilities are represented. Come join a bunch of folks that like to play out in the woods! The series are as much a community as they are races, where old friends meet and new friends are made.

Are the races competitive, or for fun? Are standings kept?

They are as competitive (or not) as you wish to make them. Points are awarded to everyone based upon finish order in each race, with a running tally posted each week and final standings declared at the end of each series. While the points are a fun aspect of the race series, individuals can take them as seriously or casually as they wish. Test your mettle against other Twin Ports trail runners, amongst your friends, or just treat it like a fun run – it’s entirely up to you. We welcome everyone!

Do the races cost anything?

Races are free, though we do have a donation jar at each race and an online donation option – with all contributions dedicated directly toward the continued viability of the NMTC race series, the Eugene Curnow Marathon and the Minnesota Voyageur Trail Ultramarathon.

How can I register?

Registration takes place at the starting line of each race, about an hour prior to the start. Just look for the person sitting at a folding table with the laptop – or the line of people, depending when you get there!

Will there be food and prizes?

At the final race of each series, we hold a pot luck. Bring a dish! Door prize drawings are included, with order of picking determined by the points standings – though we do collect enough goodies such that everyone who participates receives a prize.

Photo Credit: Tone Coughlin

Photo Credit: Tone Coughlin

We supply water at all NMTC races.

Can I run with my dog?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed to participate during NMTC races.

Due to an increasing number incidents during our races, we instituted a no dog policy in 2016. We have always been a dog-friendly organization, and many people have run with their dogs at our races without incident. However, the trail series races have grown quite a bit in recent years, and we have observed and been notified of issues with runners accidentally being tripped by dogs, as well as incidents with other non-race trail users. Due to these issues, we will no longer be able to allow people to run with dogs during our races. Thank you for your understanding!